Outdoor playing

Outdoor play is vital to the overall children’s development and learning.

While running, jumping, climbing up and going down the slide are essential for their physical growth, they are also exploring their surroundings, being curious about what’s around them and learning to connect with nature.

They are gaining social skills by interacting and collaborating with the other children

As an educator it saddens me to see children spending less time outside due to today’s tech.

The various play equipments allow children to run, jump, climb, throw and kick balls, and ride toys that require balance, they are also building gross motor skills and start developing a habit of being active.

Exposure to sun and natural light promote better sleep which leads to better health.

In conclusion

Time spent outside can lead to better physical and mental health, improved sleep, and cognitive, social, and emotional gains for young children. Ensuring that outdoor play is an integral part of child care and education, setting’s daily schedule supports early learning across all domains and unleashes a whole lot of joy.