Dramatic Play

Dramatic or pretend play is important to your children’s development, supporting intellectual and verbal skills.
Providing opportunities for children to practice these important skills supports social-emotional, language and cognitive development.
Both structured and unstructured dramatic play, are important for their development in the first few years of their lives.
Listening to children’s stories and creating a dramatic play center that builds upon those stories gives children an opportunity to explore real-world scenarios in a safe and fun environment.
In this type of play, children act out real-world situations that they have seen in real life, or heard in a storybook.
Even though pretend play starts quite simply, early experiences with pretending, becomes stronger where eventually, more sophisticated cognitive empathy can grow.”
Nature offers a great environment for make-believe.
The outdoors are inspiring places to run, hide, climb and an endless array of compelling objects that can become anything they need to be.”