Arts and crafts provide children with a unique, fun opportunity to learn and improve their skills.
It lets them express themselves, which helps them to be creative, show them that they can make decisions and be inventive in a variety of ways. They will grow to see that their imagination has no limits, and this in turn inspires high self-esteem and self-confidence.
Praising children for what they accomplish in their arts and crafts projects, especially when pointing out specific details or choices they made, is another form of positive reinforcement they will get from these activities.
Without thinking too much about the final product, when they see that others admire them for their decisions, this will persuade them to keep creating.
Art and Crafts expand children’s vocabulary too. They’ll learn the names of different shapes.
The act of grabbing a crayon or paint brush it also, develops the muscles that will later help them button their coat, tie their shoes, write, and more.

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