Rimonda Soffer -Owner

Being the second eldest child of 9, i became a nurturer at a young age. In college I majored in Business. Working in the business world didn’t feel satisfying. I always yearned working with children, and help them grow up happy and healthy.
So, being a mom, it became clear to me that, I need to open a daycare. When it comes to children, I am a natural. I have a unique and special connection with children. Mostly, by following my own intuition/instinct, I am always able to figure out and solve difficult issues with children. 
Over the years I have helped many parents tackle complex issues.
When it comes to toilet training, we are pro. With our cooperation with the parents the children get trained fairly easily. 
It’s been over 30 years, and so far, meeting and taking care of so many children and parents from many different nationalities has been extremely rewarding and satisfying.
Here at Push My Swing Daycare, we offer more and we do make a difference. Parents of Push My Swing are always at ease knowing that, their children are in good hands. 

Our Staffs

Our staff is the most loving and nurturing group you can ever find, and everyone who has worked with us, has been with us for a long time.The staff are trained in early childhood development, and they continue to receive training and updates on the latest methods and techniques in the early child development industry.
At our daycare it’s our goal to nurture the whole child and enhance each child’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth.