Here are some of the long list of Testimonials:

Lori L.

My daughter started Push My Swing at 3 1/2 years old and stayed for a year. I had read old reviews of staff “yelling” at children but that could not be farther from the truth. Push My Swing is a nurturing environment with a high teacher to student ratio. The teachers are not only warm and friendly to the children, but also to the parents.The staff was always available to answer any questions I had. My daughter still asks if she can go back there.

She became more independent and learned a lot. She brought home many interesting projects and even had some simple homework. . She is now in a larger pre-K class and doing well due to the preparation she got.

Another obvious is advantage is the relatively low cost and the flexibility of the hours which is great for a working parent.

Binze Y.

I would recommend this daycare. It is a warm, cozy place. Teachers are great. In my son’s 6 months stay there, he always loves to go there in the morning, and learns a lot.

Elisabeta D.

We wholeheartedly recommend Push My Swing to parents looking for high quality and loving care for their children! We have visited many day care centers before choosing this one, and we never regret it.

Push My Swing was the first day care provider for our son (3) and he felt like being home. We all loved the atmosphere here, the children are always smiling and laughing, learning daily new things, while playing in full confidence with their teachers. The teachers from Push My Swing made a huge difference in our son’s development. While he is not a native English speaker, the entire team helped him integrate, make good friends and learn. He wanted to go to Push My Swing even during the week ends!

We very much appreciated the efficient organization of the class, and the access to their own playground.

We are confident that our positive experience at Push My Swing is shared by every child attending this kinder-garden.


Childcare with a heart – In a desperate search to find a day care provider for my daughter, almost a year ago, I stumbled on Push My Swing quite accidentally. Rimonda met with me and I brought my daughter in so that they could meet each other.

I was so impressed with Rimonda and her staff. The day care room was not fancy, but it was clean and neat and organized and all of the children looked genuinely happy. Since attending Push My Swing, they have redecorated and I love the bright colors and wall art and new floors. The atmosphere is really warm and inviting. It’s so great that they have a backyard to play in when the weather is nice.

My daughter’s verbal communication skills have grown exponentially since she has attended Push My Swing. She comes home singing new songs and playing new finger games and even knows the ABC forward and backward – and she’s only 2 years old. My daughter loves circle time and story time and she loves to play with the toys and puzzles. She loves the other children in her class. The other parents are also very warm and wonderful and I truly believe that it is because Rimonda sets a high standard when selecting applicants. I also realized that when a child has special needs, such as speech pathology, the therapists can come to the center to work with the child and I truly believe that the other children actually benefit from it. The staff is also very helpful in assisting me with continuity in potty training. They will encourage my daughter to go to the potty since I’ve started training her at home, and that is such a great benefit as it is such a challenge to potty train effectively if you send a child to a daycare that will not help you along with it (and I know from my other friends with children who they are trying to train that this is a very common challenge).

The women who work with Rimonda are trained in first aid and they also constantly attend training seminars to stay up-to-date on the latest childcare methods.

Rimonda is extremely personable and she feels like family to me. My daughter truly adores her and the women who work with her. The staff at Push My Swing is so energetic and loving and affectionate and my daughter wakes up every morning asking for them and looking forward to going to day care.

It truly breaks my heart to see such hateful posts about people who have become such an important part of our lives. I am a single parent and I don’t know what I would do without Rimonda and her staff. If you really want a loving and supportive environment for your child at a price that you can afford, this is the best place to be.